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Recent studies have shown that 92% of local searches end in sales and 1/3 of these are mobile searches. How many customers are able to find you from their mobile devices?

We will create an optimized mobile website with your business, product and service information people can easily access from the palm of their hand.

Your conversion rate will improve significantly because your potential clients will access the information they need before making a purchasing decision. You will also have the power to collect their names; email addresses and telephone numbers right off the bat for future sales.

Some businesses dominate the 7-Pack by default because of their geographical location – the closer you are to the center, the higher you rank – whereas others will dominate the local searches because they provide Google with the right information.

Many factors will determine how well you rank on Google, chief amongst them are reviews, citations, your search keywords, your business category, your backlinks, your website SEO, your website metadata, your description, coupons and offers, your Google authorship status, social signals, and your mobile website.

Having a mobile-ready website will tell Google you mean business and this will be one key factor that will push your business higher in the rankings.

Besides that you can collect names and email addresses from a mobile website you can use for future sales. Click here to create an optimized Mobile website for your Business.

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