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Contact & Full Mobile Website

We provide 2 choices for your mobile websites: a simple Contact Mobile Website and a Full Mobile Website.

Contact Mobile Websites have the basic and relevant information pertaining to your business, products and services. A full Mobile Website has in addition, an integrated blog and/or a shop system.

A Contact Mobile Website retails for EUR 497 while a Full Mobile Website will cost around EUR 1,497.

Prices may vary depending on the level of specifications and amount of work needed to develop the website. A typical Mobile website will have the following features:

  • Contact Bar (Telephone, Email and Map direction)
  • Social Bar (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • YouTube video
  • Google Map
  • Image Gallery (Products, Service, Business, Clients, Graphics, Text, etc.)
  • Mobile Form
  • Social Buzz
  • Geo-location Widget
  • Button (Buy Button, SMS List, etc.)
  • Additional information from your current Blog/Website

10 & 20 Slides Intro Video

Additionally we can create an intro video showcasing your business, with products and services so that customers can have a better understanding of your business. You have the choice between a 10 and 20 slide long video.

A 10 Slide Video costs EUR 150 and a  20 Slide Video Presentation EUR 300. For more information please click here to submit a ticket.

Contact Info

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